ASA Electronics Welcomes New Hire and Partnership

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ASA Electronics and XKGLOW of Athens, Ill., announced a new global partnership. ASA will bring XKGLOW’s LED light system, XKCHROME, to the marine industry. In addition to the exclusive marine partnership, ASA will also be offering the XKCHROME lighting system to the RV industry.

XKCHROME is the latest smartphone controlled LED lighting system from XKGLOW. ASA’s commitment to quality engineering continues to push XKGLOW’s product to the next level.

“ASA is known for providing super high quality products to their customers. XKGLOW has always had good quality, but we’ve never had to meet such rigorous testing procedures. ASA is requiring us to raise the bar for quality,” said XKGLOW CEO and Director of Design, Dan Julian.

Through the partnership with XKGLOW, ASA is now able to offer customers customizable lighting systems that are easy to use. With the XKCHROME system and free smartphone app, users can decide what color they want to see. Gamma Correction Technology offers and endless spectrum of LED colors to choose from, even letting users “capture” color with their phone’s camera and see it immediately appear as LED light. The all new Music Sync function will even match lighting to the melody of the music.

Additionally, Jordan Lucas has joined ASA Electronics as the public relations specialist for its marketing department. Lucas is responsible for writing literature, advertisement copy, and press releases for new ASA products and partnerships.

“I’m really enjoying my position at ASA thus far,” said Lucas. “My job lets me do the thing I am good at and love doing: write! I was told by a family friend from a very young age that I’d make an excellent sales person, and I’m able to channel that persuasiveness into writing about our products.”

Lucas is native to the Michiana area and is a recent graduate from Indiana University South Bend where she majored in Communication with a concentration in journalism. After a brief foray into the world of TV broadcast, Lucas decided to pursue different avenues.

“We are so glad to have Jordan here. She’s catching on fast considering she’s brand new to the industry and I think her skill set is going to be an excellent addition to our marketing team,” said Marketing Manager Monica Pletcher.

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