ASA Heavy-Duty Segment Leader Retires

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Fred Roetker

After close to a decade with ASA Electronics Heavy Duty Industry Manager, Fred Roetker is retiring. Roetker’s resume at ASA includes a list of accomplishments ranging from Employee of the Year to record sales for the division from 2010-14.

“Working at ASA for the past nine years has been a great experience. I have learned in detail what it takes to bring a product to market, from conception to production and on the shelf. I have also learned a great deal about working with OEMs and what it takes to satisfy their needs while maintaining profitability. I have had my greatest success working here at ASA and that is just the way I want to go out – on top!” Roetker said.

He has not only built a solid resume while at ASA Electronics, but he has also built personal relationships and friendships that will last him through retirement.

“Fred has been an instrumental partner at ASA over his time here. He has a great sense of humor and has built a great rapport not only with customers but fellow employees as well. He helped build a dynamic team that led record sales during his time as Industry Manager. His influence in creating the first ever Plug ‘n’ Play replacement stereo for Harley-Davidson motorcycles set an example of how product developments will flow from now on. Everyone here at ASA will greatly miss Fred and we wish him the best in his retirement,” Brent Barrow, president of ASA Electronics said.

Roetker’s successor will be Mark Wojtys, who has been with ASA Electronics in the Heavy Duty industry for many years. He is excited to take on his new role in January. Roetker’s last official day with ASA Electronics will be Dec. 31.


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