Cummins Promotes Executive Director of Corporate Responsibility

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Cummins announced that Mary Titsworth Chandler has been named executive director of corporate responsibility and chief executive officer of the Cummins Foundation, effective Dec. 1.

“Corporate responsibility is one of Cummins core values, and is very important to me personally,” said Tom Linebarger, chairman and CEO of Cummins. “Over the past several years, I have worked closely with Mary on corporate responsibility, especially as the leadership sponsor of TEC: Technical Education for Communities.

“Through our work together, I have experienced Mary’s energy and endless idea-generating approach. Mary is deeply committed to our communities, especially the opportunities for jobs and improved lives that we work to provide to the most disadvantaged.”

Thursday (Oct. 1) Mark Levett announced his retirement as vice president of corporate responsibility and CEO of the Cummins Foundation.

Since joining Cummins in 2011, Chandler has helped lead Corporate Responsibility’s development of policy and strategic programs. With her team, and Cummins leaders around the world, Chandler designed an innovative and metrics-based approach to TEC.

TEC began as a pilot program for around 60 students in Morocco; today TEC is on pace to deliver technical vocational education to almost 1,000 students at 13 global schools, enabling youth in our global communities to gain the skills needed for good-paying jobs.

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