Oklahoma Dealers Spared from Most of Tornado Damage

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The storms that rolled through the Midwest on Wednesday produced tornadoes that injured several and killed one in Oklahoma, but RV dealerships in the area report little more than minor damage.

Ray Robinson, who owns Oklahoma RV in Moore, a four-year-old business, reported damage on several units.

“We got hail damage on some of our trailers, so we’re going through the process of an insurance claim on those, but other than that we made it through OK,” Robinson said.

On Thursday, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin declared a state of emergency after touring the damage in the Tulsa-area.

Moore has been hit particularly hard in recent years by tornadoes, including the devastating 2013 tornado, which was rated an F-5 by the National Weather Service – the strongest rating given, reserved for storms with winds between 261 and 318 miles per hour.

Wednesday’s storms dropped several smaller tornadoes throughout Oklahoma, killing one person in Tulsa after one tore through a trailer park just west of the city in the Sand Springs neighborhood between 6 and 7 p.m.

Nearby Hunter RV Center received no damage in the storm and an employee reports the dealership had already closed for the day before the weather worsened.

Directly east of the Tulsa tornado’s path, Bob Hurley RV received minor hail damage, according to Cindy Grannemann in the company’s service department.

“We had some hail and some wind and stuff, but we were just on the other side of the tornado, so we’re OK on that,” Grannemann said.


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