Outdoorsy announces key hires to further drive the company’s commitment toward global growth.

Outdoorsy Adds Slew of Silicon Valley Execs to Team

Outdoorsy has made several new executive hires to its global leadership team, including Rik Avalos, vice president of people and talent; Kyle Columbus, director of OEM partnerships; Monique Talerico, director of trust, safety and risk; Christine Porretta, head of content marketing; Andrew Cunningham, director of product; Gianluca Piras, director of Italy; David Chosson, director of France, Spain and Belgium; and Alexander Voura, director of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

These key hires join Outdoorsy to further global growth, unlock international supply, and scale the marketplace’s geographic reach.  

“We are excited to have industry veterans join our robust executive leadership team to further the rapid growth Outdoorsy has seen since its creation in 2015,” said Jeff Cavins, CEO and co-founder of Outdoorsy. “Each of these leaders brings tremendous domain knowledge and proven expertise to scale Outdoorsy to the next level. … As the world embraces campervan and RV travel, we are witnessing a cross-cultural, global phenomenon as our customers look to expand their travel experiences across the globe and embrace the experience economy in a way never seen before.” 

John Avirett, general partner at Greenspring Associates, said that Outdoorsy’s recent hires are an integral step in helping to catalyze international growth.

“We are excited to support Outdoorsy on its journey of democratizing experiential travel across multiple geographies and cultures,” Avirett said.

“As one of Europe’s largest insurers, we understand the potential opportunities in the region are significant and look forward to helping Outdoorsy build its business on the continent,” said Ben Luckett, managing director at Aviva Ventures.

The following people have been hired by Outdoorsy:

  • Avalos joins from Tesla, where he spent seven years building the company’s global organization. Avalos brings experience recruiting, building and cultivating organizations at Tesla and Google. Avalos will be focused on equipping the company with premier candidates and overseeing its global recruiting efforts. 
  • Columbus joins from Mercedes-Benz, where he spent almost a decade leading innovation and launching new digital platform products for the company. Columbus has a track record of driving growth in highly complex environments through developing innovative go-to-market strategies in the mobility space. He will lead partner functions at Outdoorsy, spanning direct and indirect channels, product innovation, technology partnerships and business development. 
  • Porretta joins from Airbnb, where she oversaw content marketing for Airbnb’s business. Porretta also held senior-level editorial and directorial positions at Disney Interactive Media Group and XO Group.
  • Cunningham joins as director of product. He was formerly a product leader at Twitter, where he founded Twitter’s machine-learning training and evaluation program, and developed the brand safety, anti-abuse, image and text classification, and video super-resolution products with Twitter’s acquisitions of Madbits and Magic Pony. Prior to Twitter, Cunningham developed products for Google’s machine learning algorithms that power Google’s Search Ads.
  • Talerico joins from eBay and PayPal, where she spent 11 years as a key leader within their risk, trust and product teams. Talerico brings strong experience implementing operational efficiencies and building high-performance teams in the development of consumer marketplace trust and risk products and processes. She developed trust mechanics and risk products while at eBay and PayPal that became standards in the consumer marketplace economy.
  • Piras joins from Expedia, where he spent more than a decade leading the company’s business development in Italy. Piras will oversee Outdoorsy’s business operations in the country.  
  • Chosson joins from Amadeus, a travel technology services provider, where he led the company’s revenue management and business operations across travel and airline verticals. Chosson will lead Outdoorsy’s business operations in France, Spain, Portugal and Belgium.  
  • Voura joins from SMEC, where he successfully launched multiple markets across Europe. Voura will lead Outdoorsy business operations in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Most recently, Outdoorsy announced its Vehicle Purchase Program, with initial models to be provided by Mercedes-Benz, as part of the company’s strategy to unlock valuable campervan supply that has become popular with Millennials and Gen Xers. Outdoorsy recently announced that more than 70 percent of all rentals on its platform come from this younger demographic, with Millennials renting more campervans and RVs than any other group over the last 3.5 years.

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