RV Battery Thefts Heat Up in Summer Months

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Medford, Ore., police Lt. Mike Budreau knows the frustration of getting a battery stolen from your RV. His boat was left powerless after a thief swiped the battery while the boat sat parked at a friend’s house.

After that, Budreau started taking the battery out when it wasn’t being used and storing it elsewhere, the Mail Tribune reported.

“I basically carried it around like a heavy suitcase there for a while,” Budreau said.

These batteries, which police say are fairly simple to steal if left unsecured, are attracting thieves as more camp trailers, boats and the like are taken out of storage and parked in driveways or on the street in preparation for summer travel and recreation.

“It is occurring during the summer when you have more RVs out, but we’ve also had commercial businesses hit,” Budreau said. “RVs are clearly being targeted and have been targeted for years. It really is just for quick, easy cash.

“Often (they’re) all exposed and unsecured, and that is why they’re such an easy target.”

Batteries typically cost between $75 and $100 off the shelf, but thieves sell them secondhand for as little as one-tenth of that, Budreau said.

From February to April this year, Medford police reported eight incidents of vehicle and RV battery theft, with 15 batteries swiped from various parked vehicles and store shelves.

May’s numbers nearly tied that three-month period, with nine reported incidents and 13 batteries stolen. In 2014, one or two incidents were reported each month in January through March, but that number almost tripled in the spring and summer months.

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