RV Demand Leads Hanwha Azdel to Expand Production

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Growing demand for lightweight composites in the North American RV industry has prompted Hanwha Azdel to increase capacity at Lynchburg, Va., production facility.

The company will add more space at the plant in addition to a new production line during the second quarter this year to produce more of its Azdel lightweight reinforced thermoplastic.

Azdel panels are used to replace panels of “meranti” or “lauan” plywood for RV sidewall lamination as well as interior decorative and wood-grain plywood paneling in RVs. 

“We couldn’t be happier that Hanwha Azdel is expanding production capacity for its Azdel composite panels,” Joe Hosinski, vice president of sales and marketing at Robert Weed Plywood Corp. “The RV industry is actively seeking ways to reduce weight and improve the insulation values in laminated RV sidewalls. We’ve been working with Hanwha Azdel since 2007 to develop composite products that

mirror the best properties of plywood while overcoming its shortcomings.”

Robert Weed Plywood is Hanwha Azdel’s exclusive partner in the North American RV industry.

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