RVIA to Host Lithium Battery Webinar

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The RV Industry Association will present a webinar on “The Fundamental Safety of Lithium Ion Battery Technology” from 2 to 3 p.m. ET April 18 from industry expert Jack Johnson.

Lithium ion batteries are a newer form of energy storage that are beginning to take a more mainstream position in the energy storage role over traditional lead acid batteries in the RV industry, according to the release.

There are significant differences between the traditional technology and the new lithium ion technology that should be understood before assuming they are simple drop-in replacements for lead acid batteries. 

The webinar is designed for the engineers responsible for designing low-voltage electrical systems in RVs and those that want to learn more about these systems in general. It will focus on the major types of lithium ion batteries, their uses, strengths and weaknesses, safety fundamentals when using lithium ion batteries, an examination of common failure modes, and which controls standard questions to be considered when designing a lithium ion system.

“Lithium ion batteries serve as an electrical low-voltage source, but that is about the limit of similarities with lead acid batteries,” said Johnson. “This webinar provides a tremendous opportunity to discover what makes lithium ion different and why you as an engineer or OEM need to understand these differences to insure safety and overall performance.”

Jack Johnson is a co-founder and director of operations at Volta Power Systems, an advanced energy storage systems company that incorporates the latest automotive lithium ion battery technology into simplified scalable architectures for use in the RV, marine, and specialized heavy equipment industry. 

He has been working in the field of advanced lithium ion for the last seven years where he has lead the launch of large format battery manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and multiple vehicle battery system launches for large automotive OEMs.

To register or for more information, contact RVIA’s Gatie Gore at or 800-336-0154, ext. 348. Once you have registered, additional information will be sent on how to connect into the webinar.


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