Winnebago CEO Discusses Lower Gas Prices with CNBC Panel

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Winnebago CEO Randy Potts discussed the growth of the RV sector while showcasing the Winnebago Travato Type B motorhome in a segment on CNBC’s Squawk CEO Call recently.

Potts praised the gas efficiency of many of the industry’s newer models, including the Travato being showcased during the segment, and discussed the impact lower gas prices have had on the industry recently.

“(Lower gas prices) helps in many ways, obviously,” Potts said. “It lowers the cost of ownership, it lowers the cost of materials and it lowers the cost of freight in-bound and out-bound. … All very good tailwinds.”

He also discussed the company’s effort to broaden its demographic to include younger and urban campers with some of its lines.

“(The Travato) is aimed either at a younger buyer, and that’s why we decided to bring it today, to a more urban environment, but there’s also downsizers – people who retired, got into a big coach, and have just decided they want to settle into something smaller.”

Potts credits the industry’s growing demographics to the broad range of motorhomes and travel trailers that are on the market.

“It’s a very broad market,” he said. “To a customer that’s interested in buying a $400,000 motorhome, the price of fuel really isn’t a factor. We go all the way from (Type A) range to a smaller coach, such as the one we’re showing that can get put to 20 miles per gallon, I think all the way up to 24 miles per gallon in a diesel version.”


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