Go Power! Packs a Punch Into 3-in-1 IC-3000-12


This month, Go Power! debuts the newest addition to its breakthrough IC Series of inverter chargers, rolling out its GP-IC-3000-12 at the 2018 winter distribution shows.

The move follows the Go Power! debut of the IC Series a year ago with the GP-IC-2000-12, a feature-rich inverter charger combo that delivers quality and performance at an affordable price. The GP-IC-3000-12  aims to continue those standards, but true to the Go Power! name, the company has turned up the wattage.

The GP-IC-3000-12 delivers a 3-in-1 system that combines a 3000-watt pure sine wave inverter, a power factor corrected 125-amp battery charger and an automatic transfer switch into one lightweight unit.


In the past year, the IC Series received praise from both dealership and OEM installers by simplifying installation, shortening install time, and saving space by reducing the number of components and cables to install.

The functionality of the 3-in-1 inverter charger impressed Mike Billingsley of Colton, Calif.-based Mike Thomspon’s RV.

“Finding a reliable inverter charger with a true 50-amp transfer switch was difficult,” Billingsley says. “The GP-IC-2000-12 has exceeded my expectations and it costs less. I’m a true believer of all Go Power! products.”

The GP-IC-3000-12 showcases convenient design features, such as integrated handles for easy carrying, which simplifies installation. 


While most inverter chargers offer a 30-amp transfer switch, the GP-IC-3000-12 delivers two 50-amp legs to deliver more juice while remaining compatible with 30-amp service, making the IC Series inverter charger the easiest installation for 50-amp and 30-amp RVs. 

The GP-IC-3000-12 includes a battery temperature sensor attached to a 25-foot cable, which relays temperature data from the battery to the inverter charger. The GP-IC-3000-12 uses this data to automatically adjust voltage to maintain healthy charging. 

Other features of the GP-IC-3000-12 include: 

• High (90 percent) inverter efficiency
• 125-amp battery converter/charger
• 100-amp automatic transfer switch (50 amps per leg at 110-volt AC)
• Power factor correction
• 3-Year warranty

Want to keep a closer eye on things? The GP-IC-3000-12 can be monitored and controlled by an easy-to-read, four-line digital display panel. This display, the GP-ICR-50 provides detailed data about your inverter charger. From the panel, users can change settings and modes of operation, view real-time information about battery charging, inverter AC input and inverter status.

The GP-IC-3000-12 debuts at this season’s winter shows, and will begin shipping in early 2018. For more information about the GP-IC-3000-12 and IC Series, visit the Go Power! team on its next stop at the NTP-Stag Expo on Jan. 22-23 in Grapevine, Texas, or visit