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2014 Stag-Parkway Show Set for Puerto Rico

SAN ANTONIO – The 25th annual national show by Stag-Parkway is set for Jan. 13-15, 2014, at the Puerto Rico Convention Center in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Stag President and CEO Martin Street announced the location for the 2014 show during the welcome address at this years’ show.
“It will provide us all with an island getaway that we won’t soon forget,” Street said. “I took my family there over the holidays and we enjoyed wonderful weather, delightful people and a laid back island atmostphere that was truly relaxing.”
John Spaulding, senior vice president of marketing for Stag, outlined reasons why traveling to Puerto Rico is easy for Americans.
“They use U.S. dollars, speak English, and you don’t need a passport to go there,” he said. “It’s an interesting place filled with history. If you’re a history (buff), the Spanish architecture influence out there is huge. (Old San Juan) also used to be a completely walled city. And, of course, they have beaches.”
Stag will set up hotel block reservations for traveling RV dealers and suppliers in the Caribe Hilton and the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel and Casino, according to Spaulding. The Conrad Condado Plaza hotel is also located near the convention center, according to the Puerto Rico Convetion and Businss Bureau, which had an exhibit booth at Stag’s show this week in San Antonio.
All exhibitor freight will be deliverd directly to the Puerto Rico Convention Center, which is a 152,000-square-foot facility 10 minutes away from the Luis Monoz Marin Internation Airport by car, according to Stag. ABF, Stag’s official freight carrier, will offer complete service to exhibitors shipping freight to the show. The company will handle all customs documents, plus receiving, storing and delivering show freight to the convention center.
Additional information regarding freight will be later announced by Stag.

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rgamore's picture

Someone in the corporation is certainly out of touch with it's dealers, who in the heck has the time to take away from their business to go that far and spend that much to attend a supplier show?
This is a great company, but this is not a good idea. What's wrong with the good old Continental USA??????

bill_3's picture

I'm surprised there are not enough appropriate venues in the CONUS in states and cities where RV Dealers have their businesses to support STAG's 2014 Convention. Seems a little out of touch given the last 5 years' experiences.

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