February Products & Deals

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Thetford/Norcold Corporate Headquarters
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Every Dewinterizing Routine Needs Thetford® Fresh Water Tank Sanitizer

Thetford® Fresh Water Tank Sanitizer is EPA-registered for cleaning and sanitizing RV and marine freshwater holding tanks. Designed specifically for the nonporous surfaces in freshwater holding tanks, this sanitizer works effectively with hard water and will not leave grit or soap scum. Sold as an easy-to-use two-part system, the first step cleans the tank and the second step sanitizes. Recommended to use as part of every dewinterizing routine.

Icon Technologies Limited
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Holding Tank H4212 – 50 Gal.

This 50-gallon, one-piece construction tank comes with a drain hub and level sensors installed and measures 56.5 inches by 31.5 inches by 9 inches. It’s roto-molded, with spin welded components, and certified to IAPMO standards. This model is used in certain Jayco applications, referenced by Jayco as 0282935, as well as others. Tank fittings include one 3-inch hub fitting and four tank level sensors.

Creative Products Group
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Replacement Parts from the B&B Molder Line

Creative Products Group offers an extensive array of replacement components and fittings for RV plumbing repairs. Each item is OEM grade and made in America.

Century Chemical Corporation
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Quality Sanitation Since 1926

Neutralizes odor-causing compounds quickly and safely. One packet cleans and deodorizes for up to one week and controls objectionable holding tank odors with a long-lasting, fresh, clean scent. Travel Jon® Waste Digester 4 in 1 formula is a powerful blend of enzymes that break down and liquefy waste, paper, grease, and tank cake residue while controlling odors.

GE Appliances, a Haier Company
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GE Profile™ 17 Drop-In RV Gas Range

Conveniently use this 12V DC range with your RV’s 12V system. Easily light each burner with the spark ignition knob. Features include white backlit cast metal knobs and edge-to-edge grates.

Pace Intl
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Drive Dish Outdoors Sales

NEW $50 gift card offer for your customers starting March 15 and running through May 15. Request your free kit, complete with a cardboard stand, tear pads featuring the exclusive offer, and swag items. Don’t miss out—request yours now!

Go Power! | Dometic
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The Bigger, Better Battery

Now available, the 300Ah Go Power! Advanced Lithium Battery has built-in intelligent features, a built-in heater and more. UL-rated, IP68 case, 10-year prorated warranty.