September Products & Deals

RV PRO presents the latest products and deals of the month.

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Power Pro Max™ Portable Pressure Washer

Clean your gear like a pro. At home or on-the-go, the Power Pro Max makes it easy to spray down mud, dirt, grime and more. This is the perfect, lightweight solution for cleaning off RVs, camping gear, boats, piers and more!

Rieco Titan
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Stable Stix

Get a better night’s sleep by reducing the camper shaking due to your partner’s restless sleep. Reduce the chance that your camper will tip over due to unstable ground, high winds or overloading the bed area with Rieco Titan’s Stable Stix.

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Camco Portable Refrigerators

Keeps Your Food and Drinks Cool While On-The-Go: Ideal for road trips, RVing, camping and tailgating. Cooler plugs into 120V AC & 12V DC vehicle outlets. Smart phone compatible, providing remote access via the free mobile app.

Go Power!
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DuraPack Portable Battery Packs


Easy cash & carry item, just in time for the holidays. Capable of charging cell phones up to 3 times per charge. 2x USB ports, 8-watt folding solar panels. Purchased and shipped in retail-ready flat-packs of 10.

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IQ Smart Charge Accessories for DLS

IQ smart chargers turn your IOTA DLS charger into a multi-stage smart charger tailored to your RV battery. IQ controllers keep batteries in peak shape by providing automatic optimal charging voltages with decreased charge times.

Pace International
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HDMI & Custom Cable Solutions

Access the variety of HDMI products Pace offers like custom cables, splitters, and deluxe matrix solutions. With assembly and light manufacturing available, we supply fully functional cabling customized for OEMs and dealers.

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Commando combats holding tank issues

Clean black holding tank and sensors in as little as 12-24 hours. This super-concentrated, scientifically developed formula is filled with natural enzymes to penetrate the walls and sensors breaking down waste and paper buildup.

Reyco Granning
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The ComfortMaster is an independent front suspension for motorhomes. Combines high-axle capacity with responsive handling and class-leading steer angle, while improving maneuverability and providing increased driver confidence.

Star brite
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Shine and UV-Protection When You Need It

Star brite® Premium RV Guard Speed Detailer & Protectant uses high-tech PTEF® polymers that quickly bond to painted surfaces, polished metal and fiberglass to add lasting shine, enhance color and provide a barrier to UV damage.

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100W Kickstand Solar Panel

The Furrion 100W Kickstand Solar Panel is engineered with high-efficiency monocrystalline cells providing up to 20% efficiency with built-in high bypass diodes for optimal performance under high temperature and low light environments.

BAL R.V. Products
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Lock-Arm Stabilizing Bars set of 2

The BAL Lock-Arm Stabilizing Bars help limit movement while camping. Easily installs on all types of manual & electric jacks. Stays on vehicle & is locked in with set nut. Two bars per box allows the right amount per application.

Garmin International
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Fusion SM Series Speakers

The Fusion SM Series Speaker are designed for installation where mounting depth is limited, like thin wall cavities and cupboard panels. A shallow, sealed, perfectly tuned enclosure delivers quality audio reproduction.

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UV HYDRO™ RV Covers are a dealer exclusive! UV HYDRO 4 layer fabric is proprietary to ADCO and outperformed competitive fabrics in tear strength, UV resistance and water resistance. It is the most user-friendly RV cover available!

CLC International, Inc.
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EZ Read Tire Caps

3 colors, 3 benefits, 3 women! These caps will save you time, energy & money!

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DUO specialty cleaners with clean label specifications paired with a Microfiber Cloth and Shower Squeegee!

Also includes DUO’s best-selling PURE Plastic Cleaner, PURE Glass Cleaner, & PURE Drain Deodorizer.