January Products & Deals

RV PRO presents the latest products and deals of the month.

Lippert Components
- New

Compact clean on the go.

The Flow Max™ 40V Portable Power Cleaner is the versatile, compact cleaning machine you need to tackle your outdoor projects at home or on the go. This is the perfect cleaning option for RV camping trips and the marine lifestyle.

Camco Mfg Inc
- New

Camco Electric Portable Refrigerators

Camco’s Portable Refrigerator is a must-have item that will keep your food fresh and drinks cool while on road trips. The cooler plugs into standard vehicle outlets and has a temperature range from -4 to 68 degrees F.

Rieco Titan Products Inc
- Featured

Stable Stix

Get a better night’s sleep by reducing the camper shaking due to your partner’s restless sleep. Reduce the chance that your camper will tip over due to unstable ground, high winds or overloading the bed area with Rieco Titan’s Stable Stix.

Acuity Brands Lighting dba IOTA Engineering
- Featured

IQ Smart Charge Accessories for DLS

IQ smart chargers turn your IOTA DLS charger into a multi-stage smart charger tailored to your RV battery. IQ controllers keep batteries in peak shape by providing automatic optimal charging voltages with decreased charge times.

Pace International
- Featured

Add DVR Functionality With The DISH Wally Receiver & DVR Bundle

The DISH Wally coupled with the 1 TB external hard drive lets customers save 100 hours of their favorite shows and movies with a click of a button. Includes RF remote that operates up to 200 feet away, even through walls.

Star brite
- New

New Boiler System Antifreeze -100ºF

Star brite Boiler System Antifreeze is a premium, nontoxic, hyrdronic heating system transfer fluid made from virgin PG. Special corrosion inhibitors provide protection in all Aqua-Hot® and Hydro-Hot® systems.