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Analyst Firm: U.S. Motorhome Demand Down Modestly in March

Motorhome sales fell 1 percent in March, according to Statistical Surveys, but Thor fared better, with an increase of 16 percent, likely due to rental shipments, said analyst firm Robert W. Baird.

Baird said it believes weather was a headwind in the month, as spring has been slow to arrive in many parts of the country. The shape of the recovery has been flatter than originally expected, and the analyst firm continues to believe improved retail demand will drive shipment growth, as dealer inventories have bottomed. However, the analyst firm reports dealers continued to restock in March, as shipments of 2,700 units outpaced retail of 1,800 units.

While motorhome retail registrations in the U.S. fell 1 percent in March, Class A registrations decreased 2 percent, while Class C registrations were unchanged.

According to Baird, Class A-diesel registrations fell 24 percent, while Class A-gas registrations increased 21 percent.

Rental companies purchased 290 rental units in March, versus 238 rental units purchased in March of last year. In spite of this increase in rental purchases, consumer demand fell almost 5 percent in March.

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