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Motorhome Auction Prices Shoot Up

According to data from Black Book, auction prices of used motorhomes soared in June, but the price of towables declined.

Ricky Beggs, editorial director of Black Book, said motorhomes sold an average of $5,122 higher than the previous month at $39,056, up 15 percent from last month.

The last time used motorhome prices were this high was August 2013, when they came in at $39,534.

After seven months of increases, towables finally hit the brakes and dropped by $525, falling 4.7 percent from $11,153 to $10,628.

This is the time of year that values typically start to trend downward, according to Beggs.

Black Book is a division of the Hearst Business Media Corp. The company’s products include new and used vehicle value services.

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