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David MacNeal is the digital content editor of RV PRO Magazine.

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The past 30 days have proven to be an unprecedented whirlwind as the U.S. and the world fights the COVID-19 pandemic, and the RV Dealers Association knows just how important RVs are in a situation like this.
Martin Qualey
“I challenged our membership, and our visiting people, that if they could raise $1,000, I would have my hair dyed pink,” reflected former Good Sam director of Maine, Martin Qualey. “They raised $1,500.”
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Several RV dealerships across the U.S. say they remain open for business amid growing “shelter in place” strategies implemented by local governments to suppress the COVID-19 outbreak. 
As statewide and nationwide protocols are set into action regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, concern has mounted over the production status of RV manufacturers.
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“I had my reputation on the line on that one and I made that factory know it,” said Bob Brammer, president of Stromberg Carlson. “So, they jumped through hoops, and I’m blessing them right now.”
Speed Wrench's new facility
Speed Wrench boasts more than 150 employees and has grown a reputation for becoming a leading RV repair entity. Those chassis repair skills paid off as Speed Wrench recently expanded to a 30,000-square-foot facility with 20 bays.
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“In May of last year, at our one-year public launch anniversary, we announced that we’re doing over 50,000 bookings a month,” said Marco del Rosario, COO of VacationRenter.
shipment from China
Several RV aftermarket suppliers and distributors have confirmed that the recent novel coronavirus outbreak is likely to cause a 30- to 60-day delay in shipped goods.
Teresa and Scott Romiti
The foam for the Outhouse Toilet Seal Cap sponge – made in Missouri – had to have a certain porosity in order to continually saturate the toilet seal with the coconut oil conditioner, which doesn’t evaporate.
HOT RV Pros has garnered a reputation in Texas for being an on-call, trustworthy RV repair service for folks on the go. Its successful formula with certified techs is paying off.