Boost Sales and Loyalty? Yes, Please

Customers want a place they can turn to for answers, support and, ultimately, products. Here’s the guide to be that dealership.

Boost Incremental Sales, Repeat Business, and Customer Loyalty by Offering RV Maintenance Products

Imagine your dealership becoming the go-to place for RV maintenance products, attracting new and existing RV owners. To make this vision a reality, it helps to stock the most common products that keep customers returning, as well as those that complement your own service offerings. Here is some simple advice, along with suggested products, to keep customers coming back.

Make It Easy

Star briteMake it easy for your customers to clean their RV’s exterior. By stocking an all-in-one product, like Star brite Premium RV Wash & Wax, you can offer a comprehensive solution that cleans and shines RVs in one step. This exceptional product not only removes road grime, grease, dust and mud, but also provides a deep shine that will make any RV the talk of the campground. Its super-concentrated formula ensures a little goes a long way, offering your customers a cost-effective cleaning solution to keep them coming back. If you offer a detailing or deep cleaning service, training a customer to use a product like this, will only make your crew’s job easier in addition to the added dollars of the sale.

Empower Customers 

Some tasks, like cleaning and protecting the roof of an RV, can be daunting for many of your customers. Keeping an RV roof well-maintained can help prevent many other harder-to-fix issues from occurring later on. However, a dirty roof alone may not tip the scale for a customer to return to the dealership.

Empowering your customers with products specifically formulated for rubber roofs lessens the amount of work they have to commit to, while also adding incremental sales for you. Not only do you sell the cleaner and protectant – like Star brite RV Rubber Roof Cleaner and RV Rubber Roof Protectant – but you may even add on a brush or brush head for the job.

Know the Solution

Star briteNobody likes mold stains. You don’t like them; your customers don’t like them. Many RV owners don’t think they need a specialty product to clean their awnings and other fabrics prone to attracting dirt, grime and, of course, mold and mildew stains, and they’re right. They actually need two. One to clean dirt and grime specifically from fabrics without discoloring them, and the second to attack mold and mildew stains without harming the stitching and strength of the material.

These are two vastly different chemicals, and both are needed to properly maintain RV fabrics. With Star brite RV Awning Cleaner and Protectant, your customers can easily restore their awnings’ fresh and vibrant look, and with Star brite Mildew Stain Remover on your shelves, you offer a product that can tackle stains from mold and mildew effectively on more than just fabrics: this powerful cleaner removes mildew stains from fiberglass, painted surfaces, rubber, plastic and vinyl.

Encourage Maintenance

Slide-outs are a significant feature of many RVs and maintaining them prevents costly repairs or unhappy customers later on. A slide-out lubricant is a perfect solution that can help your customers keep their slide-outs operating smoothly and prevent corrosion. Star brite Slide-Out Lubricant is an easy-to-apply, deep-penetrating formula that is perfect for all metal-to-metal lubricating needs. Frequent use ensures a properly-operating mechanism as well as a regularly-returning customer.

Start Early

Offering the right RV maintenance products in your dealership is just the first step. Getting the word out and retaining your customer-base from the start is the easiest way to get them back in. That means sending them home with the right products right when they pick up their newly-purchased RV. From then on, you can provide a one-stop solution for your customers’ RV upkeep needs. This not only ensures recurring sales and customer loyalty but also attracts new customers as your dealership becomes the expert hub for all RV maintenance needs.

For a full line and planogram review, contact a Star brite representative. We can walk you through every step to customize a great selling program for your location. Call us at 1-800-327-8583 and ask for Eric Hahn or Liz White, or check us out online here. You can see a video demo of the company’s products below.

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