CR Spotless Promises Spotless Wash with No Cloth Drying

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Washing the RV is a chore, mainly because of the time required to dry it free of water spots.

CR Spotless introduced its product designed to deliver a spotless finish with no cloth drying.

“It saves water, soap and all the drying agents, but mostly time as the drying is longer than the washing in usual situations and with this you just wash and you’re done,” the company said in a news release.

CR Spotless is a de-ionization water filtration system that is hooked up to the existing water source.

“Deionization is a method used most often by laboratories to produce purified water on demand. All naturally-occurring water contains dissolved mineral salts. In solution, salts separate into positively-charged cations and negatively-charged anions. Deionization can reduce the amounts of these ions to very low levels through the process of ion exchange,” company spokesperson Kelly McEnroe said.

See a video of the CR Spotless in action below.

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