Eclipse RV: Committed to Innovation & Quality

Eclipse RV's Milan travel trailers uphold the company’s 20-year tradition of innovation and quality.

In the RV world, Eclipse RV is a name that stands as a testament to innovation and adaptability.

Eclipse President Joanne Trealoff
Eclipse President Joanne Trealoff

Dallen and Joanne Trealoff founded the Riverside, California, company in 2003 to change the way people experience the outdoors. Their vision was to build RVs that broke away from the conventional mold, offering something fresh and exciting to the market.

Their journey began with a focus on toy haulers, with their flagship brand, Attitude, soon gaining immense popularity in the Southwest. Eclipse carved a niche for itself to compete against RV industry giants.

Eclipse quickly expanded its product line, introducing Stellar and Iconic toy haulers to meet the growing demand for these coaches, says Dewey Ulbright, director of sales.

In 2008, the economic downturn forced many manufacturers and dealerships out of business. Eclipse RV, known for its commitment to quality and innovation, rose to the occasion introducing smaller, lightweight, travel trailers. Eclipse RV continued to build the Milans until 2015. Thereafter, the overwhelming demand for toy haulers took priority.

As the market shifted in 2022, Eclipse RV decided to reintroduce the Milan, which offers 7-foot-wide single-axle trailers. The decision to go with single axles wasn’t without skepticism, Ulbright recalls. “Even consumers had concerns about their performance, safety and towing capabilities,” he says.

Eclipse’s single-axle travel trailers built to toy-hauler standards, with an all-aluminum laminated wall system, changed perceptions quickly.

These single-axle trailers were a perfect fit for the changing RV market as people sought more affordable options, coupled with the need for fuel-efficient tow vehicles. Eclipse’s Milan Series appealed to budget-conscious, first-time buyers and adventure-seeking families with its reduced wind resistance and compact design, Ulbright says.

Eclipse quickly emerges as an industry leader, able to pivot production toward affordable and efficient travel trailers when the world needed them the most, Ulbright recalls. The company’s ability to meet needs through innovation and product is unchanged today.

“We are not sitting on our haunches waiting for Brand X to do something we can copy, we are out there trying to figure out how our RVs can look different, feel different and be different,” he says. “There are a lot of cookie-cutter operations out there. We are not one of them. When we see a need for a change, we make that running change on the production line immediately.

The Milan Today

Today, Eclipse RV offers two single-axle trailer models, but Ulbright says a third model will be added soon.

He explains the company’s research revealed most customers in the market for a single-axle trailer are couples with children, who have smaller SUVs and do not want to RV full time. “These customers don’t want to tow a monster fifth wheel around, they just want something small to get out to local parks, or to take a short statewide or multistate trip,” he says.

The company’s 7-foot-wide, 20-foot-long 16MBH Milan with a dry weight of 3,700 pounds, a 1,300-pound cargo capacity, and a bunkhouse floorplan meets these customer’s needs. Another option for them is the 20BHS Milan, which is a single-axle trailer with a single slideout that houses a U-shaped dinette. This unit has two larger bunks in the back, with a queen bed up front and a 4,600-pound dry weight.

Another customer category is couples who want something smaller for weekend or week-long getaways. That’s where the third single-axle model will fit. “It will be a couple’s trailer and will go into production in early 2024,” Ulbright says.

All of these customers increasingly seek off-grid camping options, he adds. “We now offer an off-grid package with 200-watt solar panels, 1,500-watt inverter systems, and an optional lithium battery package,” he says. “This change allows customers to go off-grid and not worry about their power needs.”

Quality Evident From the Outside

At a glance, customers can see the Milan is different. Eclipse RV has woven a tapestry of innovation into the fabric of this travel trailer.

Its strong, aluminum frame and laminated wall construction is both sturdy and lightweight. Ulbright explains, “We put in larger windows to ensure people do not feel cramped inside and added higher-end graphics on the coach, so it looks as nice as it functions.”

The travel trailer’s durability is enhanced by additional features such as a PVC roof with a 15-year warranty. The roof doesn’t require special cleaners or conditioners like old-style EPDM rubber roofs. “It’s not maintenance-free, but it’s definitely a roof that can hold up to more punishment from the elements,” he says.

The RV features 1-inch-thick insulated baggage and compartment doors, compared to the 1/2-inch industry standard, and a continuous hinge system that will hold up to regular use. “These features provide a little more peace of mind for customers that the doors are going to open and close many times,” he says.

Milan travel trailers use Gladiator wheels and tires, just like the company’s toy haulers. “They are a tougher, more expensive tire,” Ulbright says. “We also overbuilt our suspensions using what’s called a wet bolt, heavy-duty, off-road suspension. Each shackle bolt has a grease zerk fitting in it, so they do not wear out as fast in dirty and sandy environments.”

The exterior also offers hookups for satellite systems, as well as outside showers and an optional power tongue jack, he adds.

Quality Throughout the Coach

Interior photo of Eclipse Milan
Milan interior

Joanne Trealoff designs every interior, keeping in mind the customer’s need for high-end function, comfort and design, according to Ulbright.

“This means you’ll see higher quality faucets, cabinets, cabinet door pulls, fixtures and more,” he says. “We don’t buy cookie-cutter furniture. We have a custom manufacturer build our furniture. We also offer solid surface countertops and foot-flush porcelain toilets.”

All of these features combine into a classy, modern look and a design that flows “we also look beyond what looks good,” he says. “We test it out to make sure it will last. We take the extra steps to make sure it will work before we use it.”

All drawers and bed platforms are made out of marine-grade, treated plywood as opposed to OSB (oriented strand board) because, according to Ulbright, “the benefit here is that it holds up, it won’t come apart during daily use.”

The coach’s GE HVAC systems have a cold-air return system, much like a home HVAC system. “This means when the air conditioner kicks on and it’s 100-plus degrees outside, condensation will not build up in your roof area, causing mold and mildew to grow,” he says. “We use GE because they have an excellent, lightweight air conditioner that takes up less space on the roof. These 13,500-btu air conditioners can also run on a 2,200-watt portable suitcase generator, when many other manufacturer’s air conditioners cannot,” Ulbright says.

Eclipse’s appliances are top end, beginning with 12-volt, 10-cubic-foot refrigerators. “We still offer a gas-electric refrigerator for customers who want them, yet the benefit of a 12-volt refrigerator is that it’s much larger and doesn’t need ventilation out of the coach, so it eliminates the need for roof and wall vents.”

Consumers can choose between a three-burner cooktop with a gas oven below or a two-burner cooktop with no oven. “All coaches still offer a microwave, with larger coaches offering a larger microwave,” he says.

A 6-gallon, tank-style water heater comes standard. However, Eclipse RV also offers an on-demand tankless water heater as an option on many floorplans.

The company also offers options to the customer who would like to go off grid – solar power and inverter, power jacks, heated enclosed tanks and upgrades on TVs as well.

Future Plans

In 2021, Dallen Trealoff passed; Joanne has continued to live the dream they built. The company keeps the focus on people: people build the RVs, people sell them, and people use them – it’s all about people creating memories while enjoying their adventures. Eclipse RV continues to honor and live the quote Dallen thrived on: “Don’t tell me what I can’t do until I’ve done it.”

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