MORryde’s Founder Liked a Challenge; That Legacy Lives On

MORryde International’s humble beginnings, innovative solutions and historical values make it an industry leader, especially on the rough roads.

The year is 1966, and the RV industry is flourishing in in Elkhart, Indiana, the growing heart of the market’s manufacturing division. With opportunities heavy in the air, a local Army veteran, Bob Moore Sr. – whose small team computerized the military payroll system – decides to leave his family’s dry-cleaning business to pursue a need in the booming market. The question: How do those RVs drive safely on rough roads?

Bob Moore Sr.

“He purchased the rights to a rubber shear spring patent,” says Jack Enfield, sales and marketing manager of Moore’s then-to-be company, MORryde International. The new founder began manufacturing suspension systems for trailers that towed RVs.

By the 1980s, Moore’s rubber springs formed a successful business to serve motorhomes and towables. Over the years, his products even caught the eye of school buses, transit buses and specialty vehicle markets. It wasn’t long before customers were asking the company to help fill needs in metal fabrication, and according the MORryde’s website, a “willingness to try anything compelled us to give it a shot.” It purchased a few machines secondhand.

MORyde“In the 1990s, MORryde expanded into metal fabrication and chassis upfitting,” Enfield says – a big step for the business. “And in 2009, it expanded into the aftermarket, with the development and marketing of many aftermarket RV and Jeep products.”

Hard work, ingenuity and a can-do attitude have always been at MORryde’s core, the company says – ideals that made the company an industry leader in protecting and providing durability for RVers on rough roads.


Eyes on Safety

MORryde has grown from humble beginnings to a multi-plant facility with more than 900,000 square feet and 1,000-plus on staff. Moore served as the company’s president until he retired in 1985. Even as leadership was passed to his sons – Rodney and Bob Moore Jr. – the company has stayed open to possibilities in business and product innovation, from its landmark rubber springs to its newest suspension product, coined All Trek 4000.

MORryde“The All Trek 4000 is a rubber equalizer that is easily installed on travel trailers and fifth wheels, with leaf spring suspension systems. It replaces the center equalizer and uses rubber to cushion and absorb shock,” Enfield says.

The product has 40% more rubber and a unique travel slot that allows up to four inches of combined suspension travel, which creates smoother towing and better protects the trailer’s components from road shock damage, Enfield says.

MORryde also recently debuted its Safe T Rail – a residential-style handrail with 54 inches of continuous rail surface – and its Latch Extender for additional leverage and stability, which the company says are especially great for kids and seniors entering and exiting the RV.

“We will be introducing a line of sliding trays for griddles in the near future, as well,” Enfield says.

Living Legacies

The company says its mindset on customers was and continues to be, “What else can we do for you?” – a nod to Moore’s attitude from the inception of MORryde. The company’s past president died at 83 in February 2021, in his Elkhart hometown, with a legacy that lives on through his family and company’s continued success.

MORryde recently debuted its Safe T Rail – a residential-style handrail with 54 inches of continuous rail surface. It picked up the 2023 Aftermarket Conference’s “Product of the Year” award,

Today, with more interest, new demographics and niche offerings saturating the RV industry in wake of the COVID pandemic, safety solutions and ride control offerings continue to evolve. Bringing consumers up to speed is essential. Dealers should educate consumers on what products to use while driving on rough roads that can take a toll on even the best-built trailers, Enfield says.

“MORryde has products to help protect the trailer from rough roads and provide a more durable foundation for their house on wheels,” he says of the company’s mission. “Each of the MORryde running gear products is designed to have a bolt-on installation without modification.”

Beyond its innovation and hard work to supply the RV industry with safety solutions, Moore’s passion and purpose with MORryde International was to use the business to support mission outreach around the world, says his obituary from the Hartzler-Gutermuth-Inman Funeral Home.

“He served on numerous boards, including World Missionary Press, Word of Life Fellowship, Baugo Schools, First Nazarene Church, First Baptist Church of Elkhart, River Oaks Community Church, Bethel Brethren, Church, People to People, MORryde International and Bank One,” the obituary says.



Jordan Benschop

Jordan Benschop is the managing editor of RV PRO magazine.

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