Highlighting 2020 Hall of Fame Inductees: Part 3

Editor’s Note: The 2020 RV/MH Hall of Fame’s Annual Induction Dinner has been rescheduled for Thursday, Dec. 3, at the Hall of Fame’s Northern Indiana Events Center in Elkhart, Ind. RV PRO is celebrating this year’s class and today we feature David Fought, a former owner and CEO of DRV and Cruiser RV, both of which were ultimately sold to THOR Industries.

David Fought, former owner/CEO of DRV and Cruiser RV

David Fought

An Indiana native, David Fought was no stranger to the RV industry when he studied to be an engineer and began his career in the industry in the 1970s with an entry-level job at Starcraft.

In that role, Fought observed what customers and dealers wanted and then designed products that fit the bill. Working his way to the top at Starcraft, he ventured out with his own idea when the company sold to Jayco in 1991.

Fought’s idea?

Founding SunnyBrook RV, a manufacturer of light-aluminum superstructures that brought something new to the towables industry. Never complacent, Fought then sold the company and started a new company, DRV, which built luxury fifth wheels. Later he bought trailer manufacturer Cruiser RV. Ultimately, he sold both companies to THOR Industries.

While he was busy building companies, Fought found time to serve on committees for RVIA and do local community volunteer work as well.

Fought declined to be interviewed for this article.

Glenn Bruce wrote about what set Fought apart from others in the industry in his letter nominating Fought for inclusion in the RV/MH Hall of Fame.

“I saw that he was very well-rounded; his ability to understand engineering, design, sales, marketing, manufacturing and purchasing made him unique. I have witnessed that the best businesspeople are the ones that have good comprehension of the entire business; this balance is what seems to separate the good businessman from the great businessman,” Bruce says. “There is something else that set David apart from other people in the RV industry. He is an innovator. David has always wanted to make RVs better for the end user. His ingenuity and creativity have allowed for wonderful improvements in the end user’s enjoyment of their RV. His desire to make the RV and the RV industry better are rare qualities.”

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(Editor’s note: This year’s Hall of Fame Induction Dinner has been postponed until Thursday, Dec. 3. Please click here for more information.)

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