Jayco Revamps Jay Flight Line

Jayco’s revamped Jay Flight line aims to secure the top spot as one of the best-selling travel trailers for years to come.

The Jayco Jay Flight isn’t new to RVers. The company first introduced Jay Flight Travel Trailers in 2002.

Since then, the well-built and well-appointed travel trailer line has racked up a following, with the RV capturing the title as the No. 1 selling travel trailer in North America for 15 consecutive years.

Matt Fisher, director of product development for Jay Flight, explains the travel trailer’s success comes down to a handful of things: a quality build, quality products, competitive price point and a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, which is “unique to the industry.”The Jay Flight

The company said it is committed to developing the best products possible at competitive prices, and believes the 2023 Jay Flight lineup hits that mark.

“It starts in our foundation and quality frame, continues with our American-made Goodyear tires, plywood floors and roofs, the thickest metal material possible on the outside and quality finishes on the inside,” Fisher says. “We focus on building a quality product at a price point that is attractive to customers.”

Adding to that is a knowledgeable dealer body spread throughout the United States and Canada.

“Our dealers understand the product and do well with it,” he says. “Our success began early because we offered features that other companies didn’t. We added DVD players before others in the industry did, for example. We’ve continued to innovate and lead, offering the things that customers tell us are important.”

Safety First

As one of Jayco’s longest-running brands, the Jay Flight is known as a true family favorite, the company said, owing largely to its construction and safety features.

Jayco uses an integrated A-frame and Magnum Truss Roof System on all 2023 Jay Flight models, spreading the stress of the road across the entire trailer. Fisher says it’s not just the bottom of the trailer being towed, but the entire frame, making the travel trailer more stable as it moves down the road.

Jayco engineers design a frame for each Jay Flight model.

Jay Flight
The master bedroom is separated from the other sleeping area for privacy’s sake.

“Whatever the floorplan and the location of the outriggers, we have an integrated frame,” he says. “We’ve also done a lot of testing on our roofs. Our roofs are walkable. We want people to be able to get up on the roof and inspect the seals and, when they do, be walking on a very safe platform. Safety is very important to us, and it goes hand in hand with construction.”

Jayco also makes each roof in one seamless piece.

Fisher explains, “A roof made of one seamless piece prevents leaks and tears.”

Fisher counts Goodyear tires among the Jay Flight’s safety features. He notes many RV companies would not put such high- quality, durable tires on a budget-friendly RV, but Jayco does so because of its commitment to safety.

“We reduce tire blowouts, which are quite common in our industry. If road debris gets kicked up, the RV floor is protected with galvanized steel above the tires,” he says.

Jay Flight models are easier to tow and maneuver on the roads because of their sturdy, stable and safe design. E-Z Lube hubs and powerful Nev-R-Adjust brakes also make it easy for RVers to slow down and stop the trailer.

Focus on the Family

Jay Flight
The bunk beds offer a comfortable place for the kids to call their own.

Jayco designs its Jay Flights with families in mind, according to Fisher. The beginning of this is affordable pricing. The 2023 Jay Flight starts at an MSRP $24,309 and goes up from there, depending on the floorplan, which range from 17 feet to 42 feet, and the amenities families select. Jayco offers Jay Flights in a variety of floorplans with multiple sleeping options to meet the needs of every family.

“We try to have what families are looking for, whether it is bunk beds, a sitting area, multiple TV locations and so on. A big part of Jay Flight’s success is because we have a floorplan to fit almost every need. If someone comes in with towing or weight restrictions, we have a model for them. If someone wants to do more destination camping or seasonal camping, we have units for them,” he says.

For 2023, Jayco redesigned many floorplans and streamlined the Jay Flight line, Fisher says.

The most notable change was in the Jay Flight SLX 8-wides and the Jay Flight Elites. Both travel trailers were similar in size and weight, but each offered unique features. The Jay Flight Elites had more features and amenities at a higher price point.

“Our dealers told us that they liked the Jay Flight Elite floorplans but wanted them at a lower price. So, we realigned everything and made them all Jay Flights,” he says. “One of the biggest features was its 80 gallons of fresh water. All the other Jay Flights had 40 gallons. All of them have 40 gallons of fresh water now.”

The Jay Flight Elites also had a different backsplash and faucet and more options.

“Today’s market being what it is, we could streamline the product and make it less confusing for dealers and customers,” he says. “Production wise, we can build just one Jay Flight versus two or three differentiated Jay Flights. We have been able to simplify the parts we use and the production process thanks to the change.”

Jay Flight
Customers know and appreciate the quality throughout, the company says.

Now the company offers “Jay Flight SLX single axles, one regular Jay Flight travel trailer and the Jay Flight Bungalow, which is a destination trailer. We have gone from having four Jay Flights to three.”

There are 32 different floorplans for 2023, and a few of them are completely new. The 274BH, which starts at $34,125, is new for this year. This travel trailer can sleep up to nine people but is 30 feet, 7 inches long and weighs 5,265 pounds.

Another new floorplan is the 331BTS, which starts at $52,674, and can sleep up to eight people in a 37-foot, 10-inch RV weighing 8,465 pounds. At 37 feet, 8 inches and weighing 8,590 pounds, the 334RTS, which is also new, sleeps five and costs $52,649.

For families traveling with kids, the 224BHW is one of the smaller and more affordable options in the Jay Flight lineup. The rear of this trailer divides into a wall of bunk beds and a bathroom. The queen-size master bedroom is upfront to give parents some privacy with a kitchen dining room occupying the center of the trailer.

The 265TH is the Jay Flight toy hauler model and it’s designed to carry bulky gear. The trailer will appeal to the adventurer with its 7-foot ramp and ample-sized cargo area.

A New Look

Jayco changed the exterior look of the Jay Flight for 2023, according to Fisher.

Jay Flight“We’ve gone to a more rounded, aerodynamic wall for a more modern, less boxy look,” he says. “We also added more color to the front. Last year, most of the trailer was white. Now, the front wall is a charcoal color, which makes it look more attractive and definitely more modern.”

Fisher says engineers zeroed in on the front profile, which he says changed everything on the inside as well.

“When you change the profile, you change everything from bedroom wardrobes to overhead cabinets. This meant subtle changes to every floorplan, which took a while,” he says.

Exterior LED lighting, marine-grade exterior speakers, an outside shower, G20 dark-tinted safety glass privacy windows and exterior TV mounts round out the exterior look.

Inside, the look stayed much the same. The trailers offer 81-inch ceilings, hardwood cabinetry, residential-style kitchen countertops and 600-pound rated bunk beds.

New Appliances

The 2023 Jay Flight will not disappoint with the appliances and other amenities it offers, Fisher adds.

The biggest change was a new water heater. Jay Flights were using 6-gallon electric water heaters, but now they offer on-demand tankless water heaters.

“That is very beneficial to our customers,” he says. “They can take showers, wash dishes and have an endless supply of hot water.”

Jayco FlightFor 2023, microwave ovens and stovetops come standard, while customers have a choice between gas-electric refrigerators and 12-volt refrigerators.

“The industry is moving toward 12-volt refrigerators, and we see ourselves doing more 12-volt refrigerators as we educate customers on their benefits,” he says.

Fisher adds, “There are a lot of advantages of 12-volt refrigerators. One of the most glaring advantages is the increase of interior space. In the same cavity of a 6-cubic-foot gas-electric, we are able to fit an 8-cubic-foot 12-volt. Offering this extra 2 cubic feet of refrigerator space to customers is a very good thing.”

Because of the increased popularity of solar, the Jay Flight also offers solar prep on all models. Customers can add an Overlander 1 Solar Package with a 200-watt solar panel and 30-amp digital controller, which allows people to dry camp or boondock on a 12-volt battery, Fisher says.

There’s much to talk about with the new Jay Flight lineup, and the revamped 2023 line may secure its spot as one of the best- selling travel trailers in North America for years to come.

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