Keeping Pets Cool in an RV

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Going on a camping trip in the summer can be a lot of fun for the entire family but those hot summer days are bound to come around. Coming back from a hike and wanting to cool off is a luxury most RVers desire but keeping a pet cool inside the RV while away on that hike is a necessity. Dometic makes it possible for pets to have a cool place to relax while its owners are busy, or a place to cool down after playing outside.

Dometic offers a full range of air conditioners to do just that. 

The Brisk II’s smart design and improved materials combine to maximize air flow and performance. It is best-in-class of any standard RV rooftop air conditioner for weight, air flow and capacity. The use of expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam housing reduces weight and increases cooling performance while delivering a 15-percent increase in airflow over previous models. The Brisk II has a standard profile, is available in High Efficiency, 13,500 and 15,000 BTU capacities, cool only and heat pump options, and ducted and non-ducted applications.

The Blizzard NXT is a mid-profile air conditioner. Lighter weight than most competitors, the oversize evaporator coil and high-efficiency blower reduce power consumption, noise and condensation. The Blizzard NXT utilizes EPP foam and comes equipped with a robust motor and fan. The mid-profile air conditioner is available in 13,500 and 15,000 BTU capacities, cool only and heat pump options, and ducted and non-ducted applications. The polished, aerodynamic style of this air conditioner gives any RV a polished look.

The Penguin II low-profile rooftop air conditioner features sturdy construction for durability and powerful cooling performance. The low-profile, sleek shroud offers premium style and streamlined design. This industry-leading air conditioner has a high-performance motor and fan. It has been tested in tough environments for longer service life and the rib reinforced base pan delivers lasting strength. Available in high efficiency, high capacity and 13,500 BTU capacities, with or without heat pump, and ducted and non-ducted applications. 

Dometic has created this line-up of air conditioners with all types of RVers in mind. Some are in extreme desert heat year-round while others simply go out for a beautiful weekend. No matter the need, Dometic has an option that will keep the user and their pets comfortable while on their journey. 


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