Putting the “M” in TPMMS

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Thousands of RV’ers hit the road every year to embark on memorable experiences and adventures. For many people, the RV becomes the home while on the road, so it is especially important that one takes extra precautions before hitting the highways. Your tires are essentially the foundation of your home so it’s not just enough to monitor your tire pressure, but the “Maintenance” of proper tire pressure becomes vital while RV’ing.



The importance of tire safety really took center stage in the automotive industry as a contributing factor to vehicle rollovers. Since then, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) have become mandated for passenger vehicles but are not required in RVs. Today, aftermarket devices help you “monitor” tire pressure, but few options exist to help you “Maintain” the proper amount of pressure. 

Relying on gas station compressors can be hit or miss: those pancake style tanks are too heavy, and the small plastic compressors often cannot air up 1 RV tire before failing. Some RV’ers are misled by manufacturers into thinking a 250 PSI compressor in a plastic housing can do the job for RV tires. 

Having a portable compressor in your spare compartment that is tested and rated for RV tires can give you peace of mind and be the difference between a quick pre-trip check or a roadside incident.

For over 20 years now, Viair has been the industry standard in supplying air compressors in the automotive aftermarket space and industrial segments. In the last 5 years (based on internal sales), we estimate there are at minimum 45,000 satisfied RV’ers using Viair’s portable compressors. For this reason, Viair developed RV-Specific Portable Air Compressors for the RV Industry. These compressors are labeled “RVS” and are available at various dealers through the US.

Bill White of United RV (Ft. Worth, TX) began offering these compressors to his customers in March and they have been a pleasant surprise. “I was hesitant to bring on the line because I wasn’t very familiar with VIAIR and wasn’t really sure if this was something customers wanted. What we quickly realized is that RV’ers have been using Viair compressors for many years and we have been the ones missing out.”

Remember the following points:

  • Your tires may be the most important safety feature to your RV, don’t take any chances
  • It’s not just enough to monitor your tire pressure, it requires regular maintenance (TPMMS)
  • An RV is a want, not a need. If you are lucky enough to have an RV, the air compressor is a need

To learn more about Viair’s “RVS” line, click here. To become a Viair RV compressor dealer, click here.


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