REDARC Battery Chargers, the Easy Solution

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Whether you’re heading off on a day trip or a long adventure off-grid, chances are you will need some form of dual battery system. No matter what your charging requirements are, REDARC has the right 12-volt system to suit your vehicle.
To put it simply, your truck or motorhome comes fitted with one start battery, which can power your accessories, but you will quickly drain that battery and have issues when wanting to start your vehicle.

This is when the dual battery setup comes into place. Installing a second or “house” battery will give you around a day worth of power until it runs flat and adding a battery charger to the setup will ensure that battery can be charged quickly whilst you’re driving.

REDARC In-vehicle Chargers, the easy solution

REDARC has always been at the forefront of developing innovative products for the ever-changing automotive market. 

The BCDC In-vehicle Battery Chargers are a state-of-the-art product range designed to charge and maintain secondary batteries by incorporating DC and solar inputs. REDARC offers 25-, 40- and 50-amp options that will charge your house battery up to 100 percent, and suit any dual-battery setup. All the chargers are compatible with common automotive battery types whatever their specific chemistry, ideal for RVs of any size with multiple battery banks.

Whether using lead acid, gel, calcium, AGM or lithium iron phosphate batteries, the BCDC range represents a complete battery charging and maintenance solution.

The in-vehicle chargers operate like two products in one, making it versatile for any application:

  • Charge auxiliary batteries from the vehicle alternator while on the move
  • MPPT solar regulator

These REDARC chargers will also prolong the life of your batteries as they charge to supply the correct charge needed. Another nifty inclusion is that they will charge from both solar panels and the alternator simultaneously, and with in-built “Green Power Priority,” the battery charger will automatically select solar charge first, taking the load off the vehicle’s alternator. 

The other serious advantage REDARC chargers offers is that they are compact in size, can be mounted in a variety of places for flexible installation options, from the engine bay to the inside or outside of a van or trailer, and are fully sealed. This means they are virtually indestructible, and water, dust and vibrations will never be a concern.

Australian Designed, Made and Tested.

To find out more about the BCDC Range, visit REDARC Website at www.redarcelectronics.com.


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