RV Appliances That Feel Like Home

How GE Appliances works with OEMs and dealers to give RV consumers what they want.

Q: Tell me about Haier GE’s connection to the RV industry – when did that start and how did that come to be?

A: GE first got involved in the industry when RVers began using residential refrigerators in motorhomes and larger fifth wheels. After exploring the industry more, we found what the RV owner is looking for in their appliance is quality, reliability and innovation – the same things that residential customers are looking for – so developing a stronger presence in the RV industry seemed to be a natural fit. With more than a century of home appliance innovation, we wanted to offer best-in-class products to those in pursuit of the mobile, outdoor lifestyle.

Q: What are some of the appliances that GE makes for RVs, and how were those adapted for RVs and RV living versus residential?

A: GE continues to grow in all areas of kitchen appliances as well as RV air conditioning. All of our products are held to the same safety standards and go through the same vigorous testing, whether they’re marketed into the RV or residential markets. The only difference is in making the product more in line with the industry needs.

Q: When it comes to the features provided by GE Appliances – color tones, etc. – what is GE seeing as the latest trends?

A: What we see in the RV industry is an emphasis on performance and design. Customers are no longer satisfied with a variety of no-name brands in their kitchen appliances. They want a suite of appliances all designed and engineered to provide a cohesive look that accentuates their RV and the significant investment they’ve made in it. We also see people paying more attention to the performance of their products. For example, an oven that cooks like their oven at home. GE took great effort in the design of our ranges to ensure just that. We did extensive testing to make sure a variety of foods cooked to perfection, and tweaked our burner design on several occasions until we got it just right.

Q: What are RV owners looking for from their appliances?

A: RV owners are no different than any other type of consumer. Everyone wants quality products that are built to last, and if there is an issue, they want fast, dependable service done right the first time. Those qualities are the hallmark of GE Appliances.

Q: Tell us how GE works with manufacturers to put their appliances inside units – how are those relationships formed? Can you tell us who are some of the OEMs you work with?

A: Our sales division works hand in hand with purchasing, sales, product management and engineering at the OEM level to make sure we are able to provide them with the right product for their application. The relationships are formed through constant contact within the plant level, building relationships from the buyers up as well as continuously bringing new, high-quality products to the RV industry.

We work with major manufactures including Airstream, Winnebago, Forest River, Jayco and Thor Motor Coach. From the start, we’ve made it a point to work with every department within the RV OEM – engineering, product management, marketing, purchasing. All have different needs and it is our job to satisfy those needs. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with virtually every main manufacturer in the industry and continue to develop even deeper relationships by doing things like co-promoting our products. There’s a common denominator to the OEMs that have included our products in their units. Each of them puts an emphasis on offering top-quality, brand-name products that their customers know and trust.

Q: How does GE work with dealers and service centers to provide training or work on repairs for customers?

A: When working with our large number of dealers and service centers, we find it important to provide as much knowledge on servicing our products as possible. GE Appliances strives to meet the industry standards of service repairs or replacement to help our consumers get back on the road; always learning and pivoting as we go to get better.

With over 380 GE Appliances RV Authorized Service Centers that include RV Mobile Services, we provide continuous updates on new product training availability and offer training on RVTI [RV Technical Institute] approved content. Training for our products is available through in-person training, virtual settings, videos and scheduling to specific requests based on training needs. The partnerships we have curated with OEMs today have been the primary pathway to encouraging RV dealers to participate in the extensive trainings we offer and become officially authorized through our RV Self Servicing Dealer Program.

Authorized Servicer Program

GE’s Authorized Servicer Program allows for dealers to work with the customers directly. This allows for quicker turnaround times on service needs. Dealers can apply to be an Authorized Servicer via the website below. Each month GE sends out training opportunities for the approved services to become more familiar with and learn how to service different products. To learn more, visit geappliances.com/ge/service-and-support/ge-servicer-application-form.htm.

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