RV Technician Debuts Pilot for TV Show

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Veteran RV technician Rodney Simmons, of Blue Moon Mobile RV, debuted the pilot episode of “Your RV Life”, a show which follows Simmons’ Carrolton, Texas-based mobile RV technician crew as they travel to park across Texas to assist RV owners and explore the landscape.

“Our mission is to help RVers, so we’re traveling to RV hot spots to help these RVers with any questions or issues they may have,” Simmons says in the pilot episode.

The crew’s first trip to Possum Kingdom Lake in Texas gets off to a bumpy start after one of the trailers is overloaded with equipment.

Once they redistribute the weight, the team arrives at the central Texas lake and Simmons talks to experts about different problems relating to tire and battery failure.

With the pilot episode under wraps, the team turns to various TV networks in search of syndication, according to producer Grant Kauffman.

The pilot episode is available on Youtube. The first segment is included below. To access the full playlist, click here.

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