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Women in Business 2023: Amy McFarland

Valleybrook RV Body and Paint President and Owner

As the owner of Valleybrook RV Body and Paint for more than 15 years, McFarland has a wide range of job responsibilities. She oversees all aspects of the business, including managing employees, handling customer inquiries and requests, and ensuring that all repairs and body work are completed to the highest standards. Her strong communication skills are essential to her job, as she interacts regularly with customers to understand their needs and provide guidance throughout the repair process. Additionally, she is responsible for maintaining the financial health of the business, which includes budgeting, forecasting and financial reporting. Through her leadership and management skills, McFarland creates a work environment that promotes productivity, teamwork and excellent customer service.

In what ways has the nominee gone above and beyond for her company or organization?

McFarland has an exceptional work ethic and is always willing to go above and beyond for her company and its customers. She demonstrates her dedication to customer service by being available to answer questions and provide guidance throughout the repair process. McFarland also motivates and supports her employees, promoting a positive and collaborative work environment. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to both her employees and customers, which has earned her respect and admiration within the RV industry.

What does the nominee add to her company’s culture?

McFarland adds a great deal to the culture of Valleybrook RV Body and Paint. Her dedication to customer service and strong communication skills promote a positive and collaborative work environment that is focused on meeting the needs of customers. She is highly supportive of her employees, motivating them to work hard and collaborate effectively. Her work ethic and leadership style have helped to establish a strong sense of teamwork. Additionally, McFarland is an active member of her local community and contributes to various charitable causes, demonstrating her commitment to making a positive impact beyond the workplace.

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