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Women in Business: Stacey Black

Account Manager RV Division, ASA Electronics

What makes Stacey stand out in the RV industry?

Stacey is responsible for managing half of our RV business within our organization – everything from growing sales, supporting accounts, product development and a plethora of other duties as well.

In what ways has she gone above and beyond for ASA Electronics?

She is continuing to push us to think outside of the box and not stay stagnant. Stacey’s persistence within our organization as well as with her customers results in better output from both. She is never satisfied with putting the ball in the next person’s court – she will make sure the ball doesn’t stay there for long instead of sitting back waiting. It’s all about moving our business forward as well as her customer’s business.

What does Stacey add to the company’s culture?

She sets the example. She is focused on business first and getting the job done. You will not see her participating in any time-wasting activities in the organization and always is focused on whatever it takes to move her business forward and getting that done first.

How does Stacey contribute to the ongoing support of women in the RV industry?

[She] helped to start the “Michiana Women Rise” group that is actively involved in local government and helping local women-owned businesses grow. Her support as a mentor is obvious from her social media presence [that] she has grown on behalf of the local women in the group.  Stacey also participates in RVWA events to grow her network and knowledge of all things RV.

Speaking of Michiana Women Rise, Stacey says she helped found the group in 2022, hosting meetups and networking events for entrepreneurs and small business owners in Elkhart, Goshen, Mishawaka and South Bend.

“Michiana Women Rise brings the community together in small or large groups to get peer-to-peer mentorship, connect with each other, and build leadership skills within their business,” Stacey says. “By bringing women entrepreneurs together from a widespread community, I believe that my commitment to fostering growth and collaboration propels these aspiring leaders forward, making Michiana Women Rise a beacon of inspiration in our community.”

What else would you like others to know about Stacey?

She’s not only a rockstar salesperson and local women’s group leader, but she is also a rockstar mom who raises two boys active in sports.

“I believe that having a supportive community for women in a male-dominated industry is very important as it promotes diversity and inclusivity,” Stacey says. “By inspiring the women in this industry, we uplift each other to break the barriers and excel in a more professional light. Initiatives like RV PRO’s contest highlight the achievements of the women in business and inspires others to become a role model for some other up-and-coming women. Being a part of this experience allows a chance to contribute to building a community where women’s contributions are celebrated and recognized.”

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