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Sponsored Content: Treat Your Water Systems Well

Educating RV owners on fresh water systems with products to back it up.

Fresh water is essential to every RV and even more important to each RV owner. As a dealer, carrying these highly consumable products that treat, clean, and even flush an RV fresh water system guarantees return customers into your store.

Star briteMost water treatment situations fall into two scenarios: maintaining a healthy, drinkable supply or rescuing a failed or uncared-for system. Fortunately, there are products available at every phase of the water treatment to take care of any problems that may arise.

We all know the unpleasant odor that can sometimes arise from stagnant water, especially in closed environments like an RV. If the system is relatively clean and the smell or foul taste has not been present long, oftentimes a simple treatment like Star brite AQUA Water Treatment and Freshener can tackle the issue head-on, effectively eliminating malodors or bad tastes and leaving your water supply smelling clean and fresh. These treatments are safe to drink and maintain the water at a constant freshness. These should be added to the water every time water is added.

If the water has been unattended for a while and needs something stronger to get the system back to drinkable, using a water shock can shake the system back into working order. Carry a shock that is still safe to drink, once it’s diluted. This keeps the RV owner from having to clean out the entire system unnecessarily. However, make sure to inform the customers on the proper use of a shocking system, as any concentrate must be diluted in order to ensure proper safety. Star brite offers AQUA Water Shock Concentrate that hits all of these points and can work in many scenarios.Star brite

Sometimes a system is far beyond the point of saving. The water has sat too long; the system has become too overcome with foul smells and other unseen dangers. These situations call for a rescue treatment to completely flush and reset the system. In a case like this, use a product like Star brite AQUA Water Tank & System Flush. This will completely “reset” the system, like rebooting a computer. It gives the customer a fresh start on doing it right the next time. Then you can also upsell with additional products to maintain the system, such as the ones mentioned above.

Water is an essential resource when embarking on an adventure in an RV. Ensuring clean, fresh, and safe water is vital for a comfortable and enjoyable journey. Unseen dangers, such as bacteria and microorganisms or bad tastes and smells can cause many RV owners to distrust their water supply. However, with innovative products specifically designed to enhance water quality, make it potable, and provide RV owners with peace of mind throughout their outdoor escapades, you can be the best resource of knowledge for your customers and their RVs.

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To find out more about the entire line of Star brite AQUA Fresh Water Treatments, go to starbrite.com or give us a call at 800-327-8583 and ask for Liz White, your Star brite RV expert.

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