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Maximize Your Dealership’s Efficiency During the Consumer Lending Process

Save time, reduce costs and eliminate duplicate entry with one platform built to streamline the lending process.

How to Prevent a Productivity Plateau

Employee productivity levels can only increase so much without improving technological capabilities. That’s why streamlining your dealership’s operations with a comprehensive DMS platform is game changing for productivity in every department. Let’s dive into how this powerful technology can make a difference.

Quicker Access to Critical Information

Employees do their best when they’re prepared, informed and equipped with the tools they need to get the job done. For example, a capable DMS that keeps your data centralized and easily accessible will eliminate employees’ search time and minimize the risk of losing customer interest. Your staff won’t need to run multiple applications or switch back and forth between tabs to find what they’re looking for. Instead, the purchase process will run smoothly and they’ll be able to complete tasks quickly to create a win for your dealership.

Less Miscommunication

Poor communication can mean extreme inefficiency and detrimental loss for your dealership. In fact, research estimates that businesses lose $1.2 trillion due to miscommunication in the workplace.

Say a customer visits your dealership and speaks with the manager about their interest in a Class C motorhome. After the customer leaves to contemplate the purchase, the manager emails a sales representative to let them know to follow up with the prospective customer in a couple days. However, the message gets lost in the sales representative’s inbox, delaying follow-up and potentially causing a missed opportunity.

Mishaps like this one can be damaging to your dealership’s success. But you can avoid these adverse situations by implementing a DMS with built-in messaging capabilities. Since employees will already be using the platform to complete their day-to-day tasks, they’ll see notifications and be able to manage new or existing tasks with ease.

Fewer Steps To Finalize a Sale

Streamlining operations connects every department throughout the entire purchase process. Using a DMS that’s fully integrated with an extensive partner network offers a better experience for both the customer and your employees.

For example, your dealership can directly connect to partners who streamline the lending process or provide a variety of warranty and insurance options. Employees can work through every step of the sale directly on the DMS platform or involve a partner through the platform to efficiently continue the deal. The result is less complication, fewer steps and greater efficiency for your staff.

You can create a more productive environment by choosing a DMS platform that streamlines every function throughout your dealership. The benefits will show up in your employees’ efficiency, your customers’ satisfaction and your business’s success.

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