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Southwire’s Focused Breadth of Line Powers the RV Experience

Southwire delivers RV solutions to ensure you can explore safely and travel efficiently wherever the adventure leads you.

There has never been a higher demand for reliable energy to effectively power the RV experience. Whether the journey requires surge protection for cross-country camping, or it calls for portable power for all-day tailgating, Southwire delivers the solutions you need to ensure your products are powered safely. With the endless possibilities of destinations and spectacular accommodations that can easily be accessed from anywhere – RVs aren’t fully experienced without the highest quality of power and protection.

With over 60 years of experience in providing power where it’s needed most, Southwire is a trusted partner in delivering RV solutions. From our SURGEGUARD* products that supply complete electrical protection for your RV, to the Portable Power Stations Elite Series™ that delivers power anytime, anywhere, to our complete line of Shoreline Reels™ that offer an all-encompassing line of reels. When you’re preparing for an RV trip, you can trust Southwire to supply the products you need.

Southwire delivers the Surge Guard family of power protection devices to keep your RV’s electrical system and sophisticated electronics safe from the dangers of faulty electrical power. The variety of Surge Guard products protect your RV from high and low voltages, poorly wired pedestals, open ground, open neutral, reverse polarity, high neutral currents, surges, and overheating of the plug or receptacle.

The Portable Power Elite Series can power a 32-inch TV for more than 21 hours and charge up to 12 devices at a time. It features a UL certified lithium-ion battery for safe use and provides a pure sine wave to ensure your delicate electronics run properly and are protected with a clean power output. The eco-friendly solar panels pair perfectly to produce clean power anywhere your journey leads you. You’ll never be left in the dark with Southwire portable power at your side.

Southwire’s Shoreline Reels are designed to connect recreational vehicles to utility services. These reels are designed to retract quickly and store compactly for convenient use to ensure you never waste time setting up or tearing down when you should be enjoying your RV experience.

Southwire delivers RV solutions to ensure you can explore safely and travel efficiently wherever the adventure leads you.

For more information, contact michael.conway@Southwire.com or 1-800-780-4324.

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