Upsell by Helping Customers

Upsell, upsell, upsell. Work in retail long enough and someone in charge will loudly beat the “upsell” drum. It’s presented as an easy way to increase sales, but upselling is not that simple.

In order to upsell, you have to become familiar with which product complements a unit and, in some cases, is required to complete a repair when the initial product is purchased.

Knowledge is king. By suggesting products that will help with an installation or repair, you are now upselling by being helpful – not just for the sake of upselling. As a result, the customer becomes more receptive.

The better prepared an employee is the more confident they are. Prepare your parts staff to upsell by coaching them on the items. Some upsell opportunities are obvious. For instance, when a roof vent is purchased, suggest an install kit and the appropriate sealant.

But how about a battery terminal cleaner when a seven-way plug, or brake control is purchased?

In both DIY scenarios, it is good to have advised the customer to disconnect the battery before they wire anything into their vehicle. And so, if you have to disconnect the battery, might as well clean up those connections while you’re there. Upsell!

If you have everything cleaned up, try these battery terminal protectors so you don’t have to clean the terminals as often. Upsell off the upsell!

This scenario helps illustrate how there may be several layers to an upsell opportunity. Look around your store and connect the dots for your parts employees. Show them the companion parts to your top-selling repair parts.

If the store layout allows it, have some of the more common upsell items located near their companion products in addition to their category location.

For example: Have the roof vent install kit and some tubes of sealant with the replacement vents as well as in the cleaners and sealants isle. Create shelf talkers that remind customers to upsell themselves if a parts staff member is unavailable. Train your cashiers to ask about the common upsell items if a customer at checkout doesn’t have any.

By suggesting helpful products, your staff is gaining the customer’s trust, and that goes a long way to repeat business. So keep the drum beating and give your employees the confidence to bang that drum themselves.

Soon your parts department will be moving to a whole new beat.

Quinn Larson

Quinn Larson is the Marketing Specialist for Guaranty Chevrolet and RV Super Centers, and has more than twenty-five years of RV industry experience.

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