Walex’s Commando Combats Waste Buildup

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Imagine heading out on the road with the family for your annual vacation, or buying a used RV for your full-time park living, only to have your tank sensors reading full. Even after dumping the tank! Often, waste and paper build up can cover the sensors which will then read incorrect levels. You never really know how full the tank is.

What if you have a pyramid of waste and paper or a clogged tank that won’t dump out? What if you simply don’t know if your holding tank has been cleaned? Do you have an odor that you just can’t get rid of? Waste residue on the tank walls can build up over time and emit pungent odors as well.



Odor and holding tank issues can ruin the experience of a camping trip faster than anything else. RV dealers who have rental fleets and service centers need to have a solution that will solve the problem of black tank false readings or stubborn deposits. RV dealers want a residual income from families who have a great experience while camping. They also want to have new customers who have the best possible experience in their first year of camping.

If you haven’t stocked Commando by Walex, you should put it on your radar to help fight those nasty holding tank issues plaguing many owners. 

Commando is explicitly designed for RV and Marine holding tanks. Each strong, water-soluble drop-in disperses instantly when dropped into the holding tank, allowing Commando to start breaking down waste, paper, and residual build-up on the tank walls and sensors in as little as 12 to 24 hours. The all-natural enzyme formula is 100% environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable, and 100% septic tank safe. 

Every three months, ask your customers to simply dump their holding tank, fill with water, drop a Commando packet in, and let it start battling the nasty holding tank issues for you. There is no need for agitation of any sort, and a single bag will be a one-year supply. 

The ease of use and convenient packaging of Commando makes it ideal for RVers and marine enthusiasts.

Full-time RVers like @lizlapu state, “This Commando stuff is amazing.” Bill from Michigan said, “You now have a customer for life,” after using Commando for sensor issues in his black and grey holding tanks. 

Commando is manufactured by Walex Products Company in Wilmington, N.C. Dealers can order Commando from their distributor of choice.



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