Xantrex Offers Dealers Rebate

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To promote the Freedom SW and reward dealers, Xantrex launched a $50 rebate program RV dealers in the U.S. and Canada, who replace their current inverter or charger with a Xantrex Freedom SW, according to a recent news release.

After replacing any old inverter/charger with a Freedom SW, dealers can complete an online form (www.xantrexrebate.com) and send the remote panel of the old inverter/charger, along with a copy of the retail sales invoice using our pre-paid shipping label to get the rebate.

The old inverter/charger replaced can be a Xantrex system or from any other manufacturer.

“We couldn’t have succeeded in the RV aftermarket without the support from RV dealers,” Xantrex Vice President of Branded Business Richard Gaudet said. “This program is a small token of appreciation from us. There’s no limit on number of claims meaning that a dealer who does 100 installations in a year could get $5,000 from us.”

To assist with the installation, Xantrex created two-part step-by-step installation videos.


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