‘Years in the Making’ – A Tribute to Longtime Employees

The July edition of RV PRO featured a special section called “Years in the Making: Celebrating the Industry’s Longtime Employees.” The purpose of the section was to allow companies to shine a spotlight on those employees who had been with them for many years of service – whether they were relative newbies at five years or, in one case, an amazing 55 years.

ATC Trailers said it had too many employees who had been with them more than five years, so they limited the list they submitted to RV PRO to 15-plus years with ATC.

Pictured above, left to right:

Jason Schlabach – 16 years

Andrew Meck – 19 years

Timothy Pugh – 16 years

Geno Price – 16 years

Seth Schwartz – 18 years

Chris Yoder – 16 years

Stephanie Miller – 17 years

The rest of the employees with 15-plus years with ATC who were unable to make the photo shoot that day were:

Jeffrey Shenk – 23 years

John Whetstone – 21 years

Jay Glon – 19 years

Marvin Yoder – 19 years

Peter Gingerich – 18 years

Dale Davis – 18 years

Roger Ruch – 18 years

Ezequiel Sanchez – 17 years

Lynford Slabaugh – 17 years

Jacob Borkholder – 16 years

John Yoder – 16 years

Ernest Whetstone – 16 years

Devon Yoder – 16 years

To see the digital version of the entire “Years in the Making” section, click here.

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