Your Customers Are Buying This – Just Not from You

Dealers, choose carefully when it comes to stocking RV accessories. Don’t give a customer a reason to go to another store to buy what they want.

Often, when I’m talking to RV dealerships, they are very hesitant to bring on fuel treatments, such as our top-selling Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment. They say it’s because they don’t do work on motorhomes or any engine-related service at all.Star brite

It can be frustrating because this is a high-margin category that can easily increase sales.

So I find myself educating the dealers: It’s not necessary to perform engine maintenance or service in order to sell Star Tron or any other fuel treatment in general.

I usually start by reminding them that many of their customers either drove to their store in a motorhome, or their tow vehicle, or their travel trailer … At the same time, they probably left a car or two at home, along with all of their yard equipment, snow blowers, generators, and other gasoline engines that they’re not using while they’re out on their RV trips.

Additionally, if they have a toy hauler, they’re also bringing along all of their ATVs, UTVs, side-by-sides, quads, dirt bikes, and other gas-powered toys. That means when they’re not using these, they’re sitting with fuel that should be stabilized.

Star briteHere’s the tough truth that I have to deliver to my dealers: Your customer is a Star Tron customer. Period. They’re just not buying it from you. Unfortunately, they’re driving two miles down the road to a stocking retailer and buying the product from them.

It is not necessary to work on or maintain engines in order to sell fuel treatments. You also don’t need to dive into a full automotive assortment – this isn’t about competing with those specialty retailers. This is about your specialty retail set and addressing the customer who already sees this as a necessary maintenance item that they’re accustomed to using in their RVs and expects to see at your store.


Eric Hahn

Eric Hahn is director of RV sales and marketing for Star brite.

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