24 RV Experts Share 2021 Camping Season Predictions

(Photo courtesy of MARVAC)

Mike Wendland of RV Lifestyle did some legwork for this story, in which he asked two dozen camping industry experts to break out their crystal balls for 2021.

No one in the RV industry saw 2020 coming. But what about the 2021 camping season? We have the predictions from 24 RV industry experts.

In getting these 2021 camping season predictions, we reached out to a large circle of RV influencers and industry experts. The good news is most see less uncertainty and turmoil, a return to RV shows, and a slight easing in campground overbooking.

But in predicting the 2021 Camping Season, there are a lot of wildcards still in play and the turmoil of 2020 will still be a part of the 2021 camping season.

There’s a lot of meaty insight, RV industry statistics, and wisdom in their predictions.

In their own words, here are the 2021 camping season predictions from 24 RV industry experts who know through experience what they are talking about.

Click here to see Wendland’s full report.


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