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700Credit Announces Integration Partnership With Pre-Pair

700Credit, a leading provider of credit reports, compliance solutions, soft pull, identity verification and fraud detection platforms, announced an alliance with Pre-Pair, an end-to-end desking and F&I solution designed specifically for RV dealers.

Pre-Pair has integrated 700Credit’s soft pull prequalification toolset into their platform, providing sales managers their customers FICO score, auto tradeline summary and full prequalification credit report. Pre-Pair utilizes the data to run through their proprietary lender rules engine, so a deal can be structured more accurately earlier in the sales process.

“We are very excited about our new integration with Pre-Pair. Prequalification data provided by the 700Credit soft pull solution puts credit first in the sales process and provides consumers with the right deal, from the right lender at the right rate. Which in turn reduces the time it takes to fund a deal and sell a vehicle,” said Ken Hill, managing director of 700Credit. “F&I managers can focus on closing the deal, maximizing margins and providing an improved shopping and buying experience.”

“Pre-Pair is excited to partner with 700Credit to bring soft pull prequalification capability to RV dealerships, allowing a sales manager to collect a full bureau, run it through our lender rules engine and to structure a deal accurately earlier in the sales process,” said Stephanie Alderman, CEO of Pre-Pair. “The data from 700Credit will enhance the precision of our system and the accuracy with which the desk can pencil deals, resulting in more profits for the dealerships and a better customer experience.”

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