AAMP Global Announces ‘Shop Local’ Campaign

Clearwater, Fla.-based AAMP Global, parent company of EchoMaster, makers of back-up cameras, blind spot detectors and other safety products sold into the RV market, announces the launch of a new “Shop Local” campaign in support of its 12-volt dealer network across the country.

AAMP Global said that in this time of economic uncertainty, especially for small business owners, it wants to utilize its collective reach of consumers to help drive awareness of local 12-volt shops, and drive foot traffic into brick and mortar stores. Utilizing social media, the campaign educates consumers on the benefits of trusted mobile electronics stores and encourages them that now is a great time to upgrade their existing vehicle with the technology features they’ve always wanted at a local dealer.

The overall campaign will include advertisements for various categories (safety, radio replacement, audio upgrades, etc.), resources such as a local dealer locator, and will also highlight specific dealers each week with store information and photos.

Aside from EchoMaster, AAMP Global’s other companies include iSimple, which provides smartphone connectivity; high-performance audio enhancement under its Stinger and Phoenix Gold brands; and OEM integration solutions under Autoleads and PAC.

“We want to do whatever we can to support our dealer network during these unprecedented times,” said Lisa Gibbings, director of marketing. “There are a lot of factors positively impacting our industry. As with the last recession, consumers are upgrading vs. buying new, we’re seeing a lot more road trips for vacations, we want to make sure we are doing everything we can for our dealers to benefit from these trends. AAMP was built on its relationships within the 12-volt industry, for 33 years they’ve contributed to our success, and we want to continue to be a strong pillar in theirs.”


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