Acuva Purifier Receives Class B Certification

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Acuva Technologies, a leader in UV-LED drinking water purification technology, recently received NSF/ANSI 55 Class B Certification. Acuva’s Eco 1.5 is the first and only UV-LED drinking water purifier in the world to receive this industry certification for verified microbiological disinfection, the company stated.

“NSF/ANSI 55 is one of the most established and trusted standards for ultraviolet microbiological water treatment systems,” said Dr. Ashkan Babaie, Acuva’s Director of advanced engineering. “Eco 1.5 exceeded all of the Class B microbial disinfection requirements.”

The scope of the standard also includes product material safety and structural integrity. Eco 1.5 is manufactured with stainless steel, offering durability while reducing product degradation and maintenance.

“Eco 1.5 is engineered with patented technology to deliver environmentally friendly microbial disinfection without the use of mercury or chemicals,” said Dr. Graham Duck, Acuva VP of engineering. “Furthermore Acuva UV-LED systems use up to 95 percent less energy than UV-lamps given the instant on/off point of use functionality. We are pleased to offer this performance in a fully certified device to our customers.”

The new Eco 1.5 offers a tremendous new opportunity for the North American RV manufacturing industry as it has the necessary certification required by the RV Industry Association for OEM integration. This compact system also offers easy installation into most aftermarket RVs and boats.

Acuva’s Eco 1.5 will be officially released in September. For more information about Acuva UV-LED products visit

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