ADCO Offers Dealership Compliance Officer Training

The Association of Dealership Compliance Officer (ADCO) said it will host a seminar and certification program, which focuses on the implementation of a dealership compliance management system, provides actionable guidance, training, best practices, and resources so attendees can take what they’ve learned and put it to work immediately at their dealerships.

The program is designed for compliance officers, safety officers, human resources professionals, attorneys, and vendors that support compliance in the RV and marine, as well as franchise and independent vehicle dealers. In addition to the core CMS-based curriculum, ADCO programs include leadership development training.
ADCO will conduct its first virtual seminar and certification Oct. 20-22. The online event reflects a move from an onsite venue. According to Linda Robertson, SPHR, executive director and corporate president of ADCO, “Moving to a virtual event hasn’t changed our speaker lineup or program content. Attendees will be able to interact with presenters and other participants. As with our onsite events, the virtual seminar and certification will culminate in the administration of the Dealership Compliance Officer Professional certification exam.”

“ADCO was formed to provide compliance officers with comprehensive support, including specialized resources for the diverse industry segments it serves,” said Robertson.

“Operating in today’s highly regulated environment requires dealers to have a formal CMS to satisfy standards imposed by federal and state regulators,” said Robertson. “Compliance officers face a daunting task. Dealerships must comply with over 60 major federal regulations, each of which imposes hundreds of rules. The regulations impact every operational unit, from human resources, sales, and financial services to the service bay.”

For questions and information, contact Robertson via email at or by phone at 682-325-4381.

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