ADP Lightspeed to Present White Paper Series to Help Retailers Identify Growth Opportunities

ADP Lightspeed today (July 12) announced its new white paper and webinar series “Find More.” Following the success of the Find Hidden Cash series (, which targeted missed cash opportunities in dealer operations, the Find More series will focus on ways to profitably grow business.

“These past few months have started a trend,” Hal Ethington senior analyst for ADP Lightspeed said. “Customers are coming back, inventories are turning and some dealers are taking advantage. It feels as though everyone has been keeping their heads down while daily opening the doors, but now is the time to profitably build your business. It is time to start growing again.”

The Find More series will include monthly white papers, webinars and industry studies like the Find Hidden Cash series. Information collected through ADP Lightspeed Data Services and its partners will be utilized to demonstrate opportunities from growth in revenue, efficiencies and profitability.

“This year’s theme will be ‘smart growth’,” Ethington said. “Everyone wants to see growth return, but want to avoid pitfalls that plagued our industry previously due to focusing on revenue instead of profit. This time dealers want to grow their business in a way that will improve their bottom line instead of just being busier and the Find More series shows ways to do it.”

Monthly alerts for the white papers, webinars and other data-focused information are available by request. To sign up for the alerts visit

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