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Air Lift Launches Universal Air Spring Cradle

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Aftermarket air suspension manufacturer Air Lift Company launched its new Universal Air Spring Cradle, designed for lifted trucks.

“Once combined with an air spring system like our LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate, your lifted truck will have the ultimate load-leveling capability, adjustability and ride quality,” Air Lift said.

The Universal Air Spring Cradle enables the air spring to become detached from the lower bracket, allowing full extension of a vehicle’s suspension while having a seat for the air spring to set into on compression of the suspension.

The easy-to-install kit has two cradles made of durable resin and mounting hardware for a perfect fit when installed with the company’s LoadLifter 5000 kit and draining holes to help clear water and debris. The cradle fits all Air Lift bellows-style air spring kits and most other brands. The cradle’s design allows for bolt-up or bolt-down installation based on the air spring kit.

Air Lift air springs are designed to work with the vehicle’s existing suspension to help eliminate squat, poor headlight aim, unresponsive steering, body roll and bottoming out, which properly levels the vehicle, allowing users to tow and haul with safety and comfort.

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