Airstream and inTech Reveal BearStream and Sol Marine

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inTech RV recently announced its newest division inTech RV Marine on the same day Airstream revealed its new production line for the BearStream.

The Airstream webpage tells consumers to “Get Ready to Hibernate” with the “very” limited edition BearStream travel trailer (pictured below).

“BearStream pays tribute to the grizzly bear, one of America’s most noble creatures and a fixture at our some of our favorite national parks,” the company stated on its website. “Offering unique features and distinctive ursine design, BearStream celebrates the success of recent grizzly conservation efforts. … In the kitchen, there’s ample storage for your honey, a stovetop for preparing porridge, a refrigerator to keep your salmon fresh, and more.”

Meanwhile, inTech recently completed the prototype and performed its first sea trials for the Sol Marine. At 24 feet long with power options up to a single, 250 horsepower outboard, not only is Sol Marine comfortable and roomy inside, it can reach speeds nearing 46 mph, according to the company.

“Larger power options from Evinrude, Yamaha and Mercury are being considered along with twin engine configurations, we’d like to see speeds approaching 65 mph,” said Rich Schnippel from inTech.

Sol Marine is based on the already popular Sol RV which debuted at the 2018 Elkhart Open House.

“Marrying the growing pontoon boat segment to the RV industry was a natural progression for our company,” Schnippel explained, “we’ve come to be known for creating some pretty unique products and we’re looking forward to expanding into this niche market.”


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