The Public Works filming "Anthem-Creed."

Airstream Film to be Honored at Festival

The Public Works, a Denver-based production house, multimedia, design, fabrication and branding agency, will be honored for its work by the Brand Film Festival (BFF) in New York City on May 3 for its film Anthem-Creed produced for Public Works client Airstream. 

The selected work is a compilation of new footage, archival footage, and new material crafted to bring Airstream’s founder, Wally Byam, back to life. The story is narrated through the first-person perspective of Old Grandad, the personification of a vintage Airstream Clipper travel trailer from 1937.

Creed will be screened alongside other selected films from other major brands such as: National Geographic, Lyft, Nike, Amazon, Intel, Fox, Adobe, Nike, Facebook, AT&T, Harley, Timberland, Lexus, Charles Schwab, Prada, Delta, Apple, and more.

“We are honored to have our work showcased in this esteemed venue alongside so many talented production houses and brands we admire and respect,” said Ian Fohrman, Public Works partner, film writer, and director. “It’s a privilege to tell the story of this iconic American brand that has captured the American spirit of innovation. They are a fundamental piece of the American travel story, and their rich history spans the better part of a century.”

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