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Airstream International Rally Brings Enthusiasts to Wyoming

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The Wyoming Tribune Eagle had this account of this week’s Airstream owners rally taking place in Rock Springs, Wyoming.

Downtown Rock Springs was host to the Vintage Airstream RV Community Open House on Saturday.

As part of the Airstream 2023 International Rally, being held from June 24 to July 1 in Rock Springs, Sweetwater County residents were invited to tour several of the Airstreams that lined South Main Street.

The rally has brought dozens of Airstream enthusiasts from across the country to the area. Amy and John Paul Van Artsdalen of Hillsboro, Texas, even had an interesting story to share about their travels during the open house.

The couple joined the Airstream community in 2017.

“We didn’t know, at the time, what kind of family and friends we could make just because you have an Airstream. We’ve gone to so many places where there’s another Airstream at a campground,” Amy said. “Instantly, you have friends.

“It’s a real community. It’s a big community that you just don’t expect.”

On a summer day in 2018, the couple had a jarring experience during a trip to Yellowstone National Park.

“On July 6, 2018, we were visiting Yellowstone National Park. As we were exiting, we noticed some buffalo on the side of the road,” she said. “As we passed by, I took a photo of one.”

It was at that moment that their trip took a dramatic turn.

“The next thing you know, our truck shook, we heard a loud boom, and we pulled over to the nearest pullout. A bunch of people came over to us,” Amy said. “They ran over to the end of the trailer and said, ‘Man, that buffalo showed your trailer who’s boss!’”

The buffalo made a hole, around 8 inches, in the side of the Van Artsdalen’s Airstream; it also tore off the marker light.

“We just patched it up with some aluminum tape and continued on our way. We didn’t want any water or bugs to get in there,” she said. “We just continued on.”

Read the rest of the report from Caroline Phillips, whose original article appeared in the Rocket Minor.

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