Airstream Taps Weber for its Quick-Firing Grill


The following report from details the partnership struck up between Airstream and the Weber company.

Firing up the barbeque was one of those activities that gained a ritual status. Then the outdoors companies came in to ruin the experience with their fast-firing propane grills. But you could still brag about the dangerous work ahead while installing the propane tank and preparing everything for the sizzling party. Well, Airstream decided to take this away completely and tweaked Weber’s excellent Traveler foldable grill to fire up in seconds.

Airstream Weber grill
The Weber grill fires up in a snap.

Just like plugging in an electric grill, the Airstream Weber Traveler only needs plugging the grill’s quick-connect hose to the camper’s propane external port and that’s it. Instant barbeque, no fuss, but also no pleasure. Seems like one of those moments of how is that nobody thought of that, but adapting the grill to work this simple was no easy feat.

That’s because the liquid propane (LP) system on Airstream campers was designed for the low flow required to operate stoves and furnaces in the kitchen. A grill needs a significantly higher flow of propane to be able to sear a steak. Typically, RVers need to carry an adapter to use the onboard LP supply with the grill, but most choose to add a separate propane tank for the task.

What Airstream has done, besides sticking its logo on the grill, is adding a built-in adapter to adjust the pressure for a wide spectrum of grilling temperatures. Now all you have to do is hook up the grill’s quick-connect hose to the trailer’s LP port and get the fire started. This innovation entitles Airstream to ask $65 over the $399 regular price of a Weber Traveler.

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