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Alberta RV Show Rebrands, Slated For February

Edmonton Show rebrands as RV Adventure Sale & Show

Canada’s RV Adventure Sale & Show will be held at the Edmonton EXPO Centre in Alberta on Feb. 8-11, according to a release.

With so many new features and new technologies being added to modern RVs, the RVDA of Alberta is giving its February show a makeover to reflect the lifestyle and help potential RVers better understand the products.

The show is sharing a new look and feel and the show itself also will be taking on a new concept this year, welcoming a variety of family-friendly activities and outdoor lifestyle brands in hopes of showing people who are considering an RV that there are many other potential activities that can be connected to an RV adventure.

“Our RV Lifestyle Stage will have experts talking to consumers about everything RV,” said Executive Vice President Gary Haracsi. “There’s a number of people who don’t RV that maybe we can turn into RVers by providing them the knowledge from our experts. We’re not doing influencers. We’re doing common-sense presenters. Maybe it’s somebody from a manufacturer that – as 12-volt fridges become more common in RVs – people need to understand what it’s like to operate a 12-volt fridge.”

Haracsi said the show will continue to feature sales and discounts, brand new RVs and even more outdoor lifestyle gear on display in a family friendly environment.

He said he hopes the changes help differentiate the show from a variety of extremely competitive consumer show that also take place around Edmonton as spring approaches.

Dealers who will be displaying at the show include Allan Dale RVs & Trailers, All Star RV, Carefree RV, Fraserway RV, Grove RV, Outback RV, Pulse RV, RV City, Schwab’s RV World, Trailblazer RV Centre, Western RV Country and Woody’s RV World.

For more information about being part of the show, contact Doug Jones at rvdaofab@gmail.com or 780-862-1556.

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