Aliner Adds Bigger Option to Lineup

With the success of the company’s front and rear Sunbrella dormers, Aliner is adding a big brother to go along with the already available rear hard dormer.

“We like to stay on top of what our customers are looking for in a camping trailer,” Aliner Director of Sales Allan Reeping said. “Adding the front hard dormer as an option is just one of the ways we plan on doing that.”

The addition of the front hard dormer will add to the interior space of the camper while maintaining it as a completely hard-side unit, the company said in a news release. The added option will be available on all classic floorplans and is ready for production on all new incoming orders.  

“The introduction of the front hard dormer to our portfolio is just the beginning of exciting new products and services. There is no substitute for the original," said Brett Randall, president and CEO of Aliner.

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