Iridium E Mobil
Iridium E Mobil

All-Electric Motorhome Coming to Market

A consortium of German companies has teamed up to bring to market what could become the first all-electric motorhome: the Iridium E Mobil.

The motorhome manufacturer WOF partnered with EFA-S, an electric powertrain manufacturer, to produce the vehicle.

It will be unveiled at the Travel Fair CMT in Stuttgart, Germany, next month and it will go on sale shortly after.

“(The power train) include a synchronous motor, a lithium iron phosphate battery and the EFA-S self-developed battery management system,” the company said. “The range of the motorhome should be at 200 kilometers. It is charged at the conventional socket, at charging stations up to 22 kW or at CCS fast-charging stations with up to 50 kW. How long it takes to charge the battery is not yet known.”

If the vehicle indeed comes to market next year, it could become the first full-size all-electric motorhome to hit the market.

Nissan already launched an all-electric camper, but it’s based on the e-NV200 van and not a full-size motorhome.

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